7-Feb-1999, 01:54

I thought I would try some Brilliant VC III . On opening of the box I took hold of the plastic bag and was suprised to find that the paper had already curled in the bag. No problem if you print with borders, but I like to print full size prints. I fear that I will have to use a border easl to use this paper. If this is normal for this paper this will not work for me. Which is sad because this paper really is great only if I could get to lay flat. Please tell me their is a simple way to take care of this.

Thanks Dan G.

Jeff White
7-Feb-1999, 09:44
It is normal to dry mount fiber base papers, which means that you would cut any border off. If you don't dry mount, current museum standards usually require a 1 inch border all the way around the print. Either way a bordered easel is necessary.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
7-Feb-1999, 11:57
Dan, Try a pane of glass of appropriate size. Put tape or pencil marks on the base board to mark the position of the image projected by the enlarger. Clean both sides of the glass to remove dust. Place the print down and then the glass on top.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
7-Feb-1999, 12:02
By the way, there is a B&W photo page running on Phil's server, you might want to check out.

You can get there by going to the bottom of the Large Format Q&A Forum and click on the phrase "other forums running on this server". Then on Phil's links page you should see what you're after

Bill Forsyth
8-Feb-1999, 11:52
I'm not all that experienced but I have tried a method for this issue. I put double sided tape on a flat easel. It holds the paper flat and in place. You have to make it less adhesive at first (if you don't you will bend your paper trying to pry it off). It isn't permanent and it takes a little trial and error to get the tape just right but it sure is the cheap method.

The best solution is a vacuum easel - I am looking for a used one or I may attempt to build one.


Dan Skahan
13-Feb-1999, 18:59
Beseler makes a borderless easle available from Calumet, works great! Comes in diferrent sizes.