View Full Version : Problem with splitting 210mm/f9 G-Claron!

Colin Myers
13-Jan-2004, 10:13
I am trying to dissasemble a 210mm/f8 G-Claron, to mount into a Copal 1 shutter. The rear element detaches very easily. The front element only protrudes some 3/16" from the body and it is not easy to get a good grip on. I am wary of damaging the front element in trying to remove it. Is there some wrinkle or tip that I should be aware of, to make life easier? I would be most grateful for any advice Colin Myers

Gem Singer
13-Jan-2004, 11:05
Hi Colin,

Rig up a strap wrench, using a strip of leather about 3/16ths inch. wide. Wrap it around the outside of the front element, and use it to un-screw the lens cell. I once rigged one using a flat rubber belt that was made for a Eureka upright vacuum cleaner. It worked suprisingly well.

tim atherton
13-Jan-2004, 11:17
two types of jam jar opener - either the rubber strap "pipe wrench" sort, or the type that is just a flat square or circular piece of thin rubber sheet (or any other convenient piece of thin rubber sheet - just to give you a grip (good for stubborn filters too). If there isn't enough room to actually grip it throught the rubber with your fingers, just lay it on top and use the palm of your hand, apply pressure and twist...!

I'm always digging one of these two out of the kitchen drawer :-)

Jeffrey Goggin
13-Jan-2004, 12:41
Run it under some hot water from the kitchen faucet, tap it on the countertop a few times, and it should then unscrew easily. ;^)

Actually, I had the same problem with my 210mm G-Claron (a great lens, btw) and, as suggested above, the rubber strap wrench we keep in the kitchen for opening problematic jars worked perfectly.

Jonathan Lee
13-Jan-2004, 12:44
Another thing you can try is to go to your local hardware store and buy one of those rubber things that are designed to fit over chair lags so they don't scratch wooden floors. Find a size large enough to fit snugly inside the filter ring but not so thick that it touches the elements. Push and twist, ensuring that you are not undoing the retaining ring of the front element.


Kerry L. Thalmann
13-Jan-2004, 12:54
One other possibility is a rubber stopper. These are sold at stores like Home Depot and come in assorted sizes. They are made from black rubber and are tapered to fit in glass bottles (think of a big cork, but made from rubber). So, you get two sizes in one (the big and and the small end). I have a set that I keep in my tool kit for loosening stuck lens elements, filters and step-up rings. The big end of a No. 11 stopper should work for a 210mm G Claron with its 49mm filter size. It's amazing how well these things grip. Just use a little care that they don't slip off when twisting and make contact with the glass.


Jim Galli
13-Jan-2004, 16:28
I've got several pieces of an old inner tube about 6" square laying around. Make sure they're clean. Put one in the front and one in the rear to get a good grip and twist away. You can increase your traction 10 fold that way.

13-Jan-2004, 23:00
Tie a rubberband around the rim area a couple of times. That should give you some grip while you try to unscrew the front element.

Paul Schilliger
14-Jan-2004, 00:47
Another trick is to buy one of these mesh & rubber net that are sold to place in the car boot to prevent boxes or else from moving (the one I use is relatively thin and supple). You can either use it as a grip cloth for filters and such or lay it flat on the table and press the front element against it while unscruwing. It is also a very good wrapping stuff for gear in the photo bag.

14-Jan-2004, 07:12
Just watch you don't wear out the threads trying out all these ideas :~)