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21-Apr-2012, 14:08
I bought some of these (eBay 150799123186, the vendor is "piercove1") recently. They're the "bullseye" type, 14mm in diameter, and the price, less than US$1.50 each, delivered, was attractive to me.

I find this a useful size, sufficiently small to be mounted (in my case with cyanoacrylate adhesive (read "crazy glue)) on the top of the camera body without occupying excessive space. They are a nice fit for an Ansco 5x7 or a Korona 4x5.

I have no connection with the vendor and my only knowledge of him is that he ships quickly.

Good light-

Roger Thoms
21-Apr-2012, 15:43
Except this link is for an auction so no guarantee that you will get them for a buck fifty each. Do a google search for "14mm BUBBLE SPIRIT LEVELS" and a bunch of eBay stuff comes up. I just bought 10 for $15 on a BIN listing.

Thanks for posting, last time I looked for these I couldn't find any.


21-Apr-2012, 16:06
... last time I looked for these I couldn't find any.

McMaster-Carr Supply Co. (an industrial distributor) has a large selection of bullseye and tubular levels
in various sizes, accuracies, and prices.

http://www.mcmaster.com and enter bubble level in the search box at upper left.

Excellent folks to deal with. No minimum order and only actual shipping charges.

- Leigh

Helen Bach
21-Apr-2012, 19:44
Second Leigh's suggestion of McMaster-Carr. I recently repaired my Voigtlander prism level with a vial from McMaster-Carr. They are a great resource that is worth knowing about.

Roger Thoms
23-Apr-2012, 12:20
I'll find out soon if my eBay Bullseye level are any good, as they are much cheaper than Mcmaster Carr. I'm using the on homemade pinhole cameras so 10 for $15 including shipping was attractive.