View Full Version : 360mm Apo-Ronar manuf. 1957-61, coated lens?

Harley Goldman
12-Jan-2004, 12:57
I have an 360mm Apo-Ronar with a serial number that per Kerry Thalmann's website, makes it date of manufacture around 1958-60. Would this lens be a coated lens? I am not sure what date manufacturers began to coat lenses. Also, would SK Grimes be the best source for purchasing a retaining ring for the lens? It did not come with one. It is in a Compur #2 shutter.

Mark Sampson
12-Jan-2004, 13:51
Lens coating was invented, by Zeiss, around 1940, and most all lenses made post-WWII are coated. So it's a safe bet that your lens is coated, but look for colored reflections in the elements to be sure. An uncoated lens looks "silvery". And yes, SK Grimes does excellent work.