View Full Version : Filter system for Tomiyama Art Panorama 617 with Nikon 90mm lens

Mike Banks
19-Apr-2012, 18:44
I am in a quandry with working out a filter system for my newly purchased Tomiyama Art Panorama 617.

I purchased a Cokin Z series and bought Singh-Ray ND Grads and ND filters, B+W circular polariser and Cokin Yellow filter. The system is to fit the Nikon SW 90mm f4.5 lens on the camera which has a 82mm thread. As you can see I have spent some $ already.

I will be shooting primarily chrome film and have just discovered that I will probably need a centre filter to balance out the exposure. A shot I have taken with blue sky and snow definitely has darker edges.

My question is which filter system is going to allow me to use the centre filter, polarising filter, ND and ND grads at the same time?

As the lens has a 82mm thread I imagine I would use a screw in polariser, then the centre filter then a filter holder with the ND and ND grads. The issue is here that the outer ring of the centre filter is 105mm or 112mm depending on brand so the cokin Z pro I currently have wouldn't fit with that configuration.

Does Lee have a sytem that will work? I am totally confused and dont want my current system to be unusable seeing I have just spent bucks on it.

Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Lachlan 717
19-Apr-2012, 19:30
Cokin X-Pro.

Up to 118mm thread. This is needed on my 72mm with CF (112mm).

19-Apr-2012, 20:40
I would also recommend getting a large CPL that fits the front of the X-Pro holder.. You'll get vignetting otherwise. Its also a lot easier to adjust your CPL that way, as it does not affect the alignment of the grads etc.

Lachlan 717
20-Apr-2012, 03:51
You don't need a CPL; a linear Pol is a cheaper (and arguably better) polarising filter.

Also, you don't Need to have a filter in front of the CF. Some will say you do, but I challenge them to tell the difference.

As for filter vignetting, I have never seen it on a 72mm lens with a 112mm CF, so I doubt you will with a 90mm.

Th X-Pro is the system that is readily available for these large front ends.