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19-Apr-2012, 07:11

I hope this is the correct forum for this question. Mods, if it's not then please either move or delete.

I want to sell a Taylor-Hobson 2-1/2" Series VIIB in exc+++ overall condition with mint glass and sweet-looking coatings. This one is factory-mounted in a Synchro-Compur-P shutter and comes with the original leather front cap. It's been mounted to what I think is a mini Graphic lens board via the three small screw holes in the back of the shutter. Everything functions as it should.

These are relatively rare and I can find very little information about them. I know they're designed to cover 3-1/4x 4-1/4 but will cover 4x5 when stopped down a bit.

Yes, I'll buy a copy of the aggregated classic lens data. This inquiry is more about sale value. :)

Any idea how much I should ask for this lens? Maybe I should auction it and see where the final price lands?

If needed I'll post photos later tonight. I have my photobucket login info at home... not here.

Thanks All!!

Dan Fromm
19-Apr-2012, 07:36
Auction it. Don't dither, just auction it. And when you do, beat the Cooke drum as hard as you can. I don't know why, but people seem to respond more favorably to Cooke than to Taylor, Taylor & Hobson.

Louis Pacilla
19-Apr-2012, 07:36
Here's the page on The Anglic VIIb from the 1930 Cooke Catalog

19-Apr-2012, 07:50
Thanks Dan. If I'm reading you correctly, this is a Cooke lens that's marked only Taylor-Taylor-Hobson? I don't know much about them but I do know people love their Cooke lenses.

I've forgotten the mathematical formula to determine image circle. Per Louis' attached info page (thanks, Louis) these have 90 degree coverage at f/16 and 100 degrees at f32. I'm estimating that it will "barely" cover 4x5 at f/16 and provide a little wiggle at smaller apertures. That's what I remember reading several years ago.

Dan Fromm
19-Apr-2012, 12:37
Mike, TTH was a lens manufacturer. Cooke is one of their brands. They sold many lenses of different design types all engraved Cooke.

19-Apr-2012, 13:12
Ahh... okay then. Thanks Dan!! I don't want to fib or over-advertise so I need to word my auction carefully. Maybe write "from the makers of Cooke lenses"? If this isn't from their Cooke line how might I take advantage of the Cooke alure in my ad? I want the buyer to be completely satisfied but I also want to get the most for my lens.

Dan Fromm
19-Apr-2012, 14:42
The catalog says Taylor Hobson Cooke, say that.

19-Apr-2012, 17:05
okay... :)

Jan Pedersen
19-Apr-2012, 18:09
If it is of any help, i sold a TTH series Viib 3 1/4 in a well working Syncro Compur shutter for 250$ on the auction site a couple or three months ago. It was a hard sell, if you want to maximize the potential for a good price you will need to let bidders from China in on the bidding.

19-Apr-2012, 18:29
Jan... No problem. Many years ago when I bought and sold a lot I had fewer issues with overseas buyers than domestic. The biggest problem with overseas is payment. I refuse to support companies like PayPal with unethical business practices and hidden political agendas.

Louis Pacilla
20-Apr-2012, 10:21
Hey Old-N-feeble,I think you can in good conscience call your VIIb a Cooke lens. It seems T.T. & H. are largely at blame for the Cooke name being attached to all the company's designs.


20-Apr-2012, 10:28
Thanks everyone. I'll be auctioning this lens soon just as you folks suggest capitalizing on the Cooke name. However, I only have +1 on my auction feedback and that was for buying a small item. Maybe I should sell a couple of small things and work my way up.

Jay DeFehr
20-Apr-2012, 10:36
Cool lens! It's a little like my slightly newer, slightly wider 58mm Grandagon, coverage-wise. I plan to use my Grandy on 3x4, which it covers with movements. Good luck on your auction.

20-Apr-2012, 10:58
Thanks everyone. I'll be auctioning this lens soon

You are gonna have trouble at the auction site if u do not take PayPal. ......

Dan Fromm
20-Apr-2012, 10:59
And you're not going to get much action from overseas bidders if you don't take PayPal.

20-Apr-2012, 11:21
RE PayPal; You're probably right but I have no respect what-so-ever for that company's business practices and hidden political agendas. Alas... I may be forced to sleep with the devil's daughter but I don't have to like it..... much.

27-Apr-2012, 08:18
I'm so forgetful... I forgot to post pics. Here they are...




24-Aug-2012, 13:31
Hi I would like some help in valuing and gathering some information on a camera that my father was left by his mother. I understand that the TTH was the lens manufacturer but we cannot seem tofind any information on the actual camera - I have attached some images and any information would be very grateful.793397934079341

John Schneider
26-Aug-2012, 16:12
Thanks everyone. I'll be auctioning this lens soon just as you folks suggest capitalizing on the Cooke name. However, I only have +1 on my auction feedback and that was for buying a small item. Maybe I should sell a couple of small things and work my way up.

Make sure you play up the fact that your lens is coated, may weren't. It's a fine lens; I have the 108 and 133mm versions (both coated and supplied with an adapter to front mount in a shutter like yours).

Steven Tribe
27-Aug-2012, 01:39
Matt, many of these cameras do not have "tradenames" and many with names were actually made by someone other than the "retail" outlet.
The lens is a very traditional one for a 1/2 (?) plate camera - T,T & H rapid rectilinear type. I don't think this has been in active service since before WW1 as it still has the round brass for the old tripod design, the TP shutter box and RR lens which would have been considered Antique by then.