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Colin Myers
11-Jan-2004, 16:40
Can anyone help with this. About a couple of years ago, a short article appeared in View Camera magazine on older Pictorial and Soft Focus Lenses, by, I believe Jay Lynch. The author had a small self published book, setting out, details of these type of lenses. Has anyone come across this book? What do they think of it and how to contact the author/publisher. Colin Myers

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
11-Jan-2004, 18:19
The guy you refer to is Jay Allen. He used to have a website, but it has since dissappeared. I have seen mention of him on the Cooke website (http://www.cookeoptics.com/product/ps945.html). I have never seen his book, but I have heard (this is all third hand, so take it with lots of salt) that his book is primarily a collection of ads.

For what it is worth, I found his article in VC to be pretty 'soft'.

12-Jan-2004, 15:21
I'm not a fuzzie-wuzzie, but I do remember seeing an online article about SF lenses recently. Imagons are the natural choice, but Lens & Repro has some older SF lenses listed.

Jeff Buckels
12-Jan-2004, 15:46
The Allen book is a collection of verbatim excerpts from old (mostly) lens catalogs, arranged in a sort of order with a brief introduction. Physically, the "book" is xeroxed typescript. It covers a lot of lenses (maybe 30?), including most all the Wollensaks. The thing could certainly have been done better, but I'm unaware that anyone else has attempted it at all. -jb

Ernest Purdum
12-Jan-2004, 17:41
Colin, I wrote an article on this subject recently which might be helpful to you. You can find it by scrolling down to "lenses" on the home page.

QT Luong
13-Jan-2004, 00:33
You can also find Ernest's article by searching for "soft focus".

Colin Myers
13-Jan-2004, 07:51
Thanks everyone for your replies, especially Ernest - a very interesting short article. It does seem amazing that no one has covered this subject in depth. Colin Myers

4-Aug-2008, 05:39
Jay Allen now lives in Indianapolis,In.