View Full Version : Choice Between Nikkor SW210mm f5.6 and Fujinon f5.6

David Chua
1-Jun-1999, 14:46
Hi, I am considering between the above two lenses and heard that the Fujinon is pron e to flare.How's the performance of the Nikkor lens and which is a better choice ?I am a beginner.Thanks Very Much for all your help.

Charles Matter
1-Jun-1999, 16:12
Any lens will flare regardless of how 'modern' or well coated it is under certain conditions (if pointed directly into the sun, etc) I've used both lenses and I doubt you will be able to tell the difference optically. The Fujinon may (I believe) have a slightly larger image circle...(or is it the other way around.. You will be very pleased with either

Dick Deimel
3-Jun-1999, 07:39
Fuji lenses tend to be very slightly warmer than Nikkor lenses, but you would be unlikely to see any difference unless you made a direct comparison test. Optica lly both are excellent. The lastest Fuji lenses with the EBC coating may be less prone to flare.