View Full Version : Dagor77 or Steven King?

Steve Feldman
11-Jan-2004, 13:11
Many of us have done business with Dagor77. But for me, I follow his ePay ads for the great writing. He has, once again, pushed the envelope and has eery (sp?) photos to go with his best story ever.

I hope it's just fiction.

Gotta love it!


Ralph Barker
11-Jan-2004, 13:54
I think Dagor jumped to contusions, so to speak. Had he checked the garden shed out back, he would have discovered the blood-stained axe. Just about the size of the corner of a Dorff. ;-)

Dan Fromm
11-Jan-2004, 14:49
Fiction? From Dagor77? Impossible, unless he's writing about coverage.

Bob Fowler
11-Jan-2004, 16:06
I just he would put things in proper categories on e*ay. I hate it when he decides to put up the entire contents of his bookshelves under "Computers & Electronics > Cameras & Photo > Film Cameras > Large Format" instead of an appropriate book category. Likewise, people who put lenses (and other accessories) under camera body categories instead of under an appropriate... (oh shit... I'm ranting)...

To be fair and honest, he is far from being the only (or worst) offender.

tim atherton
11-Jan-2004, 16:18
trouble is, the ebay categories themselves are quite illogical and scattered all over. Many people just look in the general categories. A lot, lot less people look under Cameras & Photo > Lenses> Large Format than look under Cameras & Photo > Film Cameras > Large Format, for example. And Cameras & Photo > Accesories>LF gets even less visitors by comparison. Personally I'd never waste my time listing anything in the latter category - it's where there are often deals to be found, because less people find the stuff and fewer people bid on it.

Ebay has often split and subcategorized different categories in strange ways in the past and then split off from those again. Lots of people never really find some of those sub-categories. Of course, while they may claim it's for convenience, a major reason for all the confliciting sub categorires is to get you to list on more than one category and spend more in the (ever growing) ebay fees.

11-Jan-2004, 17:12
The story MUST be true, because he's repeated it so often.

Ernest Purdum
11-Jan-2004, 18:36
Bob, as one of dagor77's fellow offenders, let me try to justify my putting a lens into the film cameras large format category. (It will be in the large format lenses category, also.) I am trying to sell the item, and I am trying to get a good price for it. Two entries get more attention. More attention results in more bids. More bids result in a better price.

I do use titles that make it clear what sort of item I am selling.

11-Jan-2004, 18:57
You think you have got it bad - check out ebay.co.uk categories: e.g. "Darkroom & Studio" which is then split in to 4 sub-sections "Darkroom", "Studio", "Paper" and..... "Other Darkroom & Studio"...

I mean... excuse me? What? No... really, WHAT? I mean....

I just find eBay so irritating these days (and the way the company itself does business in such a low-life manner) I can't bring myself to use it anymore (unless of course a *really* good deal pops up)...


Bob Fowler
11-Jan-2004, 20:05
Yeah, I know... I was just going a little out of control... :-)

Still, I wonder what the hell guys are thinking when they list 35mm gear in the large format section! :-)

Tom Diekwisch
11-Jan-2004, 23:16
Gosh, guys, you are too picky! Finally somebody who brings some spark and excitement into buying and selling photographic gear. I for once look forward to visiting each and every of his items, mostly for the stories and for the superb product photography, even though most of his products aren't for me.

Ed Burlew
12-Jan-2004, 21:16
Dagor77 is the best pulp fiction wither of the electronic century. I wrte this voluntarily and without any hope of mercy or personal gain or even a 5% discount on any future purchase. His writing is plagarised out of the cheapest pulp but I do get a bit worried when he puts a dolled up Barbie in the ad?????? I bid and loose as most of us do. I refuse to pay retail or even wholesale on ebay. I occassionally get a piece of stuff, but never a tasty morsel only the leavings from the less hungry pitbul of electronic commerce. It is laughta le that w who cling to the antiquated pursuitof the perfect image in Black and White do yet battle with unmaned foes in the contrive dbattle filed og electronic commerce. More that we are then blungeoned into honouring joke like bids in fear on negative feed back. He upon these hallowed pages of the forum I can enunciate unexpurgated tripe without fear of retribution. But woe to me or thou if we dost fail to pay for a five dollar step up ring on ebay. What justice is there for us? Are we just pawns (prawns) to the great electronic master or are we the masters, can we but jest on the circuitry and let the shrill cries of the humourless fade into unheard bytes? Tell me,If a byte echoes in a forum was it really keyboarded? How can a man be responsible for the errant exercise of his digits upon a field of plastic buttons? How dastardly does the kingdom of the electron extract humor and justice from the inert procession of digitized ramblings? Alot for the mind to digest....

CP Goerz
15-Jan-2004, 20:06
Hello Chaps!

I pop books and other related items in the LF section usually because they are LF 'related'. I don't like to goof around Ebay that much and can't/won't search through a ton of subcategories to see an item in its 'proper' category. Do people really look through books, lenses, cameras, tripods, filters and all other sections? The LF section is a quiet little backwater and I know a lot of the folk there so its convenient for me, sorry :-)

dagor77 aka cp goerz

15-Jan-2004, 21:57
Keep it up, Andrew. You may yet have a book that I can afford.

Christopher Condit
16-Jan-2004, 00:53
I for one am happy to find all LF related stuff, and dagor77's fiction, all in one ePay category.

Ole Tjugen
18-Jan-2004, 20:21
Having bought two lenses from him, I can't say that his literary or other creations bother me much. Or maybe that's because I haven't yet bid on a Dagor lens? I've bought the ignored little byproducts of his collecting, and have been very, very satisfied with everything - including the price.

But I do admit to looking at his Dagor offerings - just to see what he's come up with THIS time:)