View Full Version : Lenses for Linhof Technika that can stay on when camera is closed.

Renato Tonelli
17-Apr-2012, 14:07
On my Linhof Master Technika I have a Schneider Apo-Symmar 120 L lens and the camera will fold/close with the lens mounted (on the camera). I'm wondering (just for kicks): what other lenses, old or new, would not have to be removed when closing the camera.

Noah A
17-Apr-2012, 14:33
These are the ones I know from experience will fit:

150 Apo Sironar S
135 Apo Sironar S
135 Apo Symmar
300 Apo Ronar

Renato Tonelli
17-Apr-2012, 20:18
Thanks Noah.

Bob Salomon
18-Apr-2012, 02:45
But with some of these the camera will only close when the 001015 Comfort recessed board is used.

Frank Petronio
18-Apr-2012, 04:27
I had a Linhof-mounted 135/3.5 Xenotar that would fit but it was mounted to a special slightly recessed board that worked quite nicely. There was little room to spare.

I think anything in a Copal 0 that is smaller than a 150 Symmar will fit, I think the 58mm filter threaded barrels are the max, you can control the depth somewhat with the amount of recess in the lens board. In general they have to be smaller lenses.

A 90/6.8 Angulon definitely fits. I also had a 210/6.8 Rodenstock Geronar in a Copal 1 that fit but I think I used a slightly recessed board, I can't remember, it was ten years ago.

Some of the lensboards that are odd-sized are more expensive than the lenses ;-p I only use one lens in principal but I buy extra recessed lensboards in odd sizes whenever I see them cheap just in case.

Bob Salomon
18-Apr-2012, 04:48
The bed of a Technika has a hole in the tracks when they are in the closed position. The front of the lens must be able to fit in that hole in the tracks for the lens to be able to stay on the camera when it is closed. It is that hole that determines the maximum diameter of the lens that will fit when closed.

Today Linhof makes 3 different depth recessed Technika 45 lensboards. One of them, usually the 12mm 001015 Comfort board, will be required with the 150mm.

Noah A
18-Apr-2012, 05:08
Actually all of the lenses I mentioned fit just fine on flat boards into my MT2000 when it is closed.

I think with the 135 and 150 Apo Sironar S the front cap needs to be removed, but a filter can be left in place.

Renato Tonelli
18-Apr-2012, 19:10
Thank you all.
I should not have asked - now my gears are in full motion: I sure would like a 135mm.

Noah A
18-Apr-2012, 19:21
Or a 150...

The 135 is probably my single favorite focal length, but even the Apo-Sironar-S is a bit short on image circle sometimes (depending on what you shoot, of course). Since you already have a 120 maybe a 150 would be a good idea...

I got back and forth about the value of lenses folding into cameras. It's nice, but then again if it's not your most-used lens, taking the lens off actually adds a step to your setup process. I shoot the majority of my photographs with a large 115 Grandagon, and there's no way that monster will fit into the camera!

19-Apr-2012, 05:56
I store a Rodenstock Sironar-N 150mm on my MT.

19-Apr-2012, 06:33
I have these on flat boards, and they fit as well: Fujinon-L 210/5.6 (a Tessar design), Schneider G-Claron 210/9, Nikkor-M 300/9, Angulon 120/6.8

Shorter Nikkor-M's would fit, as well, although I only have the 300/9 (which I have used for 8x10, too).

Xenars and other Tessar designs up to at least 210mm should work.

And, of course, you can always match that lovely Linhof with a super duper pinhole! (The Linhof wire-frame viewfinder works perfectly for pinholes on a Technika.)

Renato Tonelli
19-Apr-2012, 06:55
I have a 150 and it is without a doubt my least used lens. I am thinking of the 135 as my 'normal'. The 120 Schneider L doesn't have as much image circle either and it seems either too wide or not wide enough on lot of my set-ups.