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10-Jan-2004, 15:04
An interesting article about three recent books of photographs on Antarctica, Bhutan and Muhammed Ali, especially the discussion about production of the Antarctica book: http://www.globeandmail.com/servlet/ArticleNews/TPStory/LAC/20040110/BIGBOOK10/TPEntertainment/TopStories

10-Jan-2004, 17:07
"If you can't make it good, make it big." (Ancient artist advice).

Peter Rip
10-Jan-2004, 23:28
A friend of mine (a LF photographer) has a copy of the Antartica book. I spent some time at Christmas looking through it. It is a phenomenal artistic accomplishment, irrespective of size. It is BOTH big and good. The photos are excellent and the quality of the reproduction is better than any book I have seen. Almost like having a portfolio, not a book.

Actually, it is so magnificent that it is not clear what do with it. Can't hang it. Too delicate/valuable to leave on the coffee table.

g. wiley
11-Jan-2004, 05:09
Save The Equatorial Goat!! SAVE THE EQUATORIAL GOAT!!!

Brian Ellis
11-Jan-2004, 10:32
"And if you can't make it big make it red." Second part of ancient artist advice.

12-Jan-2004, 02:16
good comment michael, i too have been involved in design and book production for many years and find that the kind of obstanate boasting which you quote (and crops up on this site from time to time) usually comes from people with only a little experience, real experience teaches humility.