View Full Version : 72SA XL on Linhof Tech. V

Jerry Hsueh
10-Jan-2004, 08:29
Until right now, I know the focus knob function is useless when use mentioned assembly without a recessed lensboard. And, the aperature adjustment level can't be reach without a chopstick if you mount the 72 on a recessed lensboard. Further more, the big outer diameter of B+W 95mm wide-angle PL will just touch the focus rail if you don't pull down the V's front cover. Please advise how to use this dream lens on Linhof V.

Bob Salomon
10-Jan-2004, 09:16
You mount it on the 001016 recessed board, raise the lens standard to the top and drop the base to the bottom stop. Then you angle the back so it is parallel to the lens.