View Full Version : Anyone using a Fine Art Photo Supply 5x7?

Mark Gilles
9-Jan-2004, 19:37
I am in the market for a 5x7 and am considering a few options. I have yet to find a review of the Fine Art Photo Supply 5x7. Any thoughts regarding the build quality and performance would be appreciated. Thanks.

Gem Singer
9-Jan-2004, 20:27
Hi Mark'

The Fine Art 5X7 camera = the 5X7 Tachihara (available at Midwest Photo Exchange) = the 5X7 Osaka (available at Bromwell Marketing). Kerry Thalmann did a recent review of these cameras for View Camera magazine.

Osaka claims that their camera is the only one that will enable the use of the new Canham 6X17 roll film back. I'm not sure that is a fact.

Christopher Condit
16-Jan-2004, 01:16
Osaka was in fact the first camera to accept the 6x17 back, other than Canham itself, of course. In the meantime Walker (www.walkercameras.com) has come out with a 5x7 that he claims was actually designed around that back, which it accepts. No info on website yet, so email Mike directly.

By the way, some judge that the Tachihara 4x5 is a flimsy camera, but note that the 5x7 is a different, sturdier design.

John Douglas
1-Feb-2004, 10:37
Actually the 5X7 Fine Art Photo camera is a rebranded Osaka. See ;