View Full Version : I gotta get me one of these babies!

Eric Rose
13-Apr-2012, 13:43

Now to win the lottery.

13-Apr-2012, 13:51
Wow 44 thousand dollars! You could get 30 Mac monitors and a 14 thousand dollar computer to run them.

13-Apr-2012, 14:59
The lab that processes my E-6 and does my larger prints has a couple of Eizo monitors... The resolution is outstanding, but by far the best part is the calibration. I view my image on their Eizo, and 100% trust that what I see on that screen is what my print will look like. As a part of their print process, they have you come in and see the image on their Eizo to make sure you're happy with colour and tones before going ahead with a print run..

I had no idea they were that expensive, but I knew that they are beautiful.

13-Apr-2012, 15:48
I had no idea they were that expensive, but I knew that they are beautiful.

The monitors Eizo sells for graphic arts use are expensive, but not quite that expensive (in fact, not really much more than an Apple monitor). The monitor Eric has linked to is designed for ultra-specialized use.

Adrian Pybus
13-Apr-2012, 18:35
If it had had built in calibration like my 27 inch Eizo I would have gotten a serious bout of G.A.S. It's funny how my 27 inch screen now feels fairly small. First time I worked with a computer (that had a screen) it was around 12 inches.

Frank Petronio
13-Apr-2012, 18:39
The only people who can justify that work for us, the taxpayers. Go figure.