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Walter Foscari
9-Jan-2004, 13:24
I just got a SA 75 f8. It's an older lens (mid 60s) but considering what I paid for it and judging the results I got so far I am very happy with it.

Since it has a 49mm filter mount and most of my filters are 67mm I was thinking of getting some dedicated filters of that diameter. However someone has told me that with this lens even with a single circular polarizer I might begin to notice vignetting unless I choose a very thin one!

Is that the case?

Gem Singer
9-Jan-2004, 14:11
Hi Walter,

The easiest and least expensive way to do it is with a step-up ring. 49-67mm can accomp;ished with only one ring. B&H carries a general brand ring for under $7. That way, you can continue to use your 67mm filters. Since your 67mm filters are larger than the lens diameter, there is no risk of vignetting. A linear polarizer is less costly than a circular polarizer, and there is no need to use the thinner style filter that is also more expensive.

Walter Foscari
9-Jan-2004, 17:08
Thanks Eugene, I did consider a step up ring. And that's probably a sensible idea. On the other hand I also wanted the usual UV filter mounted permanently for protection. And that's should obviously be a 49mm in order not to increase the bulk of the lens.

Bob Fowler
9-Jan-2004, 19:19
Walter, I wouldn't bother with a UV filter for "protection" - that's the job of a lens cap. All the UV filter is going to do for you is add extra glass/air surfaces.

11-Jan-2004, 09:16
I leave my uv filter on mine and will take it off if I feel lens flare might be a problem. I've not had problems with vignetting shooting straight on with the filter on this lens. With movements, though, I have noticed some vignetting that is improved with the filter removed.

I think the step up ring will do the trick.

I love this lens. Mine is a 1970's version and is one of my sharpest wide angle lenses...I've sold my 90mm super angulon as a result. Must save for that 110 super symmar : )


Bob Salomon
11-Jan-2004, 09:25
"I leave my uv filter on mine and will take it off if I feel lens flare might be a problem."

Then why not use a MC filter.

The Heliopan 16 layer MC filter in slim mount would seem to solve your flare and your vignetting problems.

17-Apr-2004, 05:11
I'm considering to purchase this lens too. Would appreicate if any owners can feedback on how it handles bring daylight shooting, any flare issues?