View Full Version : Speed Graphic Fans take note ...

Ted Harris
9-Jan-2004, 09:33
I am neither a Graphic fan nor do I need this but there is what looks like a great buy for somebody that has jsut been listed on eBay.

A Speed + Sironar-N 135 mm for $400.

It is NOT my post and I haven't a clue who the seller is ... just thought it was a good buy.

10-Jan-2004, 06:03
thanx quimsby, but a URL might be helpful for those inclined. also, 400 $ doesn't seem like that good of a deal on eb$y. thanx for the altruisim dude....

Don Wallace
12-Jan-2004, 08:20
$400 is not a good deal for a Speed. But a Speed with that lens is quite another story.