View Full Version : Cost to replace spirit levels of Sinar F2

Greg I
9-Jan-2004, 06:34
Does anyone have a ballpark estimate of how much it costs to replace the spirit (bubble) levels on a Sinar F2? I seem to recall that it was surprisingly high. Can I do it myself? Is there a reliable shop in NYC? I know that I can use a level from the hardware shop, but that's one more thing to lug around (and forget).

Many thanks.

Bob Salomon
9-Jan-2004, 06:59
Have you thought to ask Sinar Bron in Edison?

Greg I
9-Jan-2004, 07:51
Sorry, no brainer there in asking Sinar Bron what they would charge. But I was also interested in seeing if there was a way to do it myself in a more cost effective manner (and also without having my camera out of commission, shipping hassles, etc.).


Scott Walton
9-Jan-2004, 09:51
$2.00 - $5.00 at Home Depot and maybe $70 to have it properly done...

Bob Salomon
9-Jan-2004, 11:19
"I was also interested in seeing if there was a way to do it myself"

It still comes back to asking Sinar-Bron how much the levels are. Then you ask what does it cost for them to install them. Then you can decide if you want to just buy the levels or let them do all of it or let a 3rd party do it for you. But the first step is to have the levels.

As an aside - is this a camera you bought new? Are the levels covered by the warranty?

R Miller
9-Jan-2004, 11:24
Suggest getting the proper level from Sinar Bron, or from one of their retailers (I know that at times Midwest Photo Exchange has had them in stock) and install yourself, which is very easy. Do not recall the price but believe they are less than $20. 800.456.0203 is the number at Sinar Bron. Parts/service have always been very helpful.


Armin Seeholzer
9-Jan-2004, 11:44
Yes it can be done very easy you only need a little screwdriver! In Swiss I had to pay 30.- SFR for the bubble level!

Scott Sharp
9-Jan-2004, 23:40
Sinar vertical bubble levels, cost $27.00 each, mounts to front and rear standards, on F1 and F2. Part number 43161210. Relatively easy to replace yourself with a small phillips screwdriver. Use a small carpenters level to level the camera, replace the level and adjust. Took about 15 to 20 minutes. Give Sinar Bron a call they are very helpful and will answer any questions you may have. Good luck.

Scott Sharp
10-Jan-2004, 09:22
A correction to my last reply. You need replacement part no. 43161210, the Horizontal Bubble Level, price approx. $27.00 each. Sinar does make verticle bubble levels but these mount to the side of the front and rear standards. The Horizontal Bubble Level again is a reasonably easy replacement to do yourself.

Greg I
10-Jan-2004, 14:04
Hi, thanks to all for the info!

Bob, I'm contemplating buying it used, so wanted to know how simple and/or expensive they were to replace. And in re-reading my response to your first reply, I'm sorry if I might have sounded brusque. I meant that you were exactly right, that is the first thing I should have done had my brain been working at the time.

Again, thanks to everyone for the truly helpful responses.