View Full Version : Rodenstock Geronar f/6.8 Rear Element Cap Size

11-Apr-2012, 13:30
Hello all,
So I have a Rodenstock Geronar f/6.8, and when I bought it, it did not have front or rear caps. So my question is what is the size of the rear element, (or how can I measure it myself to find out) and where can I buy caps for this lens. Thanks again.


Joseph Dickerson
11-Apr-2012, 14:02

What focal length? Makes a difference.

Geronars were/are the same as Caltar IIe lenses. Calumet could supply a rear cap.


11-Apr-2012, 15:05
I'm after lens caps for the 150mm f6.3 Geronar cells I bought before Xmas, I've not made time to sort this one out yet as I've only had a shutter for it for about 3 weeks. If it's f6.8 I'd guess it's the 210mm.

The sizes should be in the Rodenstock data-sheet for the lens but it's hard to find online, I have a copy somewhere but that'll take even longer to dfind :D


Jon Shiu
11-Apr-2012, 15:11
the 210mm takes a 48mm push on cap. I think B&H has Kaiser caps, or ebay should have some.


11-Apr-2012, 18:06
Yes, it is a 210mm, sorry, I guess that would be relevant information, so is the consensus a 48mm rear push on?

Bob Salomon
12-Apr-2012, 06:24
The Geronar 210 has a 51mm front slip-on lens cap size and a 48mm rear slip-on cap size. Both sizes are made by Kaiser and are in our stock so they can be ordered from any camera store in the USA. The 48mm is catalog number 206948 and the 51 is 206951. They each have a list price of $10.99.

The 150 Geronar had a 42mm front slip-on cap size and a 31.5mm rear cap size. Kaiser makes 32mm and 42mm slip-on caps but not a 41.5mm. Those caps are 206942 and 206932. They also list for $10.99 each.

12-Apr-2012, 06:44
Thanks so much Bob, I'll order some today!