View Full Version : 75/6.8 on a Tech 4?

Frank Petronio
8-Jan-2004, 10:02
Dumb question but I am not sure. I have a Linhof Technika IV. Using a recessed Linhof board (20mm) and a Rodenstock 75/6.8 lens, will I be able to get the front standard onto the focusing rails for geared focusing and accurate alignment? Or do I have to spring for the "focusing device" or a Crown Graphic?

Bob Salomon
8-Jan-2004, 10:28
65mm and shorter use the Auxialliary Wide Angle Focusing Device. The 75mm 6.8 uses the 001016 recessed lensboard. If your lens should be in Compur shutter then it can also use the 001015 board. There are still a few of those left.

Frank Petronio
8-Jan-2004, 14:14
Thank you Bob.

I don't know the differences between the lensboard item numbers. I'm using a Copal 0 shutter. By any chance could you please tell which board this is? I have two of them already they work great for longer lenses... There is no numbering on them, only "made in West Germany."


Bob Salomon
8-Jan-2004, 16:07
No you can only tell the difference from the Cable Release QR coupling which has been removed from the board.

This is a big mistake as: 1 you will have a hell of a time trying to use a cable release and 2: You can't tell which coupling was on the board.

The only other way to tell is to find the original package for the board.

Frank Petronio
8-Jan-2004, 16:12
Ahh, the troubles of buying used gear. I use a Gepe flexible cable release adaptor with the same board and other lens and it works very nicely. It allows me to leave a short cable release on each lens, and I can fold the camera up (with a 135) with cable release, lens hood and lenscap all in place, ready to go.

Not that the nipple type Linhof QR cable isn't nice, but I never wanted to pay the extra for it or hassle with the installation.

Bob Salomon
8-Jan-2004, 16:43
" never wanted to pay the extra for it "

You don't have that option with the boards. They all come with the QR system.

Frank Petronio
8-Jan-2004, 17:10
Most of the boards sold on eBay (where I got these) don't have the QR system.

Glad you distribute the Gepe flex tips ! Thanks Bob.