View Full Version : Does a 210mm Symmar-S fit into a closed Technika IV?

7-Jan-2004, 14:34
And if so, is a recessed lensboard needed? Which one? Thanks.

Ted Harris
7-Jan-2004, 14:42
I hate to venture an answer when I am not absolutely sure but this one is pretty clear.

A 210 Symmar S is jsut about the same size as the current 210 Apo Symmar and there is no way that lens comes even CLOSE to fitting on my Horseman FA closed. while the Linhof is slightly larger than the Horseman it is not that much larger. I don't think you would be able to close it with anything larger than a 135 or 150.

Again, Bob Salomon will have to weigh in with the definitive answer .... here is one case where i hope he tells me I am wrong but I don't think it will happen. You are talking about a fairly substantial piece of glass in a #1 shutter.

arthur berger
7-Jan-2004, 15:05
Dont even try to close the camera with a 210 symmarS lens. It wont fit. And dont mount it on a recessed board either, its easier to use the flat boards whenever possible. I use a master technica and the 210 lens you mentioned.

7-Jan-2004, 15:28
Thanks for the (expected) bad news.

7-Jan-2004, 15:38
How about a 210mm Sironar-N?

David A. Goldfarb
7-Jan-2004, 15:48
I have the older Symmar 210/370 convertible and it doesn't fit the Tech V.

Bob Salomon
7-Jan-2004, 16:18
No 210 will close on the camera and the recessed boards are for 0 shutters. The 210 has a 1 shutter so they also would not fit the board.

What is the problem with just mounting it on the camera? The Technika is very fast to mount or remove lenses.

g. wiley
8-Jan-2004, 20:57
A Nikon 200mm M f8 would fit. Copal O, 180g and only 43mm in length. Of course you have to stop down considerably to get the full covering power with this lens.

Also a Fujinon A 240mm f9 may be able to close up into your camera. I don't have it's length, but it uses a copal 0 and only weighs 245g. So recessed boards are a definitely possibility with these lenses, but probably aren't necessary.

David Hempenstall
9-Jan-2004, 04:00
there is a 210mm G-claron stuffed inside my tech V right now.

heaps of room.

someone else could tell you if the IV and V have the same 'internal' room.

my nikkor 300M also fits inside, and i know Peter Dombrovskis used to have a 150mm symmar-S inside his master tech.


no point to a recessed lens board on a 210mm.

cheers, dave.

9-Jan-2004, 13:55
The 210mm apo Symmar fits in a Technika V (5x7) on a flat lensboard Regards Andreas

Kevin Crisp
9-Jan-2004, 14:11
I'll bet a 207mm Ektar would fit.