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10-Apr-2012, 06:31
I read post about Graflock backs and "other" types but I don't really know the difference. I have a Cambo SC and a Calumet CC-400. What type backs do they have?

Gem Singer
10-Apr-2012, 07:29
International backs.

They use Graflok-type sliders to hold roll film holders, etc.

If the sliders are on a Graphic camera, it's a genuine Graflok back.

It's been a long time. Don't remember if the Calumet CC400 has sliders.

Dan Fromm
10-Apr-2012, 07:46
Barry, 4x5 SCs were delivered with bail type spring backs and with Graflok backs. Buyer's choice. Rotating or reversible [to change orientation from landscape to portrait, remove back, rotate 90 degrees, reattach). Buyer's choice. Early SCs were offered only with reversible bail backs.

CC- series Calumets have bail type spring backs.

10-Apr-2012, 08:18
Yes both the SC and the CC-400 have rotating spring backs. Is the "spring back" called a spring back? What is the difference between a spring and a graflok back?

Gem Singer
10-Apr-2012, 09:01
There is no direct relationship between a spring back and a Grafolk back.

A spring back can be equipped with Graflok sliders, or it doesn't have sliders.

For example, Tachihara cameras have spring backs, but they do not have sliders.

Canham cameras have spring backs as well as sliders. Since the sliders are not made by Graphic, they are not called Graflok sliders.

They are Graflok "type" sliders.

Spring backs are called international backs if they have sliders.

International backs can be either rotating (need to remove the back from the camera in order to change from horizontal to vertical),

or revolving (back remains on the camera while changing from horizontal to vertical). If I remember right, the Calumet CC400 has a revolving back.

Dan Fromm
10-Apr-2012, 09:43
Barry, I'm done with you. You've asked too many beginner's questions and have displayed no willingness to find answers yourself. You come across as intellectually lazy. This is not good.