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6-Jan-2004, 17:22
I have inherited an Omega 45F 5x7 view camera. It has 5 lens boards a heavy case and other attachments that I don't understand. My father was a commercial photographer for 40 years, so everything is in excellent condition. How can I find out the value of this equipment? I would like to sell it. Thanks in advance for any info. Home e-mail lissa712@earthlink.net

Larry Gebhardt
6-Jan-2004, 17:38
Best bet would be to search ebay for completed auctions. You could also call KEH or MPEX for a quote - they may want to buy the system.

Are there lenses on the lensboards? If so what are they?

6-Jan-2004, 17:44
KEH Camera brokers:


the other is Midest Photo Exchange, MPEX.COM