View Full Version : Source of 9X12 holders for Voigtlander Avus etc.

Bob Eskridge
6-Jan-2004, 11:28
I have just purchased a Voigtlander Avus (similar to a Zeiss Maximar) in excellent condition which uses 9X12 film. This little camera is a revelation to me in size after having owned American press cameras and a Sinar monorail. It is so small and compact at around 6" X 4.5" X 2 1/4" and weighs only 2 lbs 7 ounces with lens and ground glass back! Just front rise and shift but I can live with this as a travel camera complimenting a very light 35mm outfit.

Unfortunately, no 9X12 film holders came with the camera. Apparently not all holders fit all cameras of this type. I am searching Google and E-*ay earnestly but would appreciate any help in finding a few.

Has anyone tried building some from sheetmetal?


Bill Jefferson
6-Jan-2004, 11:45

Try, Filmholders.com, they manufacture all sizes


karl french
6-Jan-2004, 12:02
My first suggestion would be to find someone with an Avus to send you a picture of the holder as there was not a lot of standardization in various brands of holders. I don't know if the Bergheil and Avus holders are the same. The holders for my ICA Ideal and Zeiss Maximar are not interchangable. The nice thing for you is most Voigtlander holders are marked as such. They may also have a product number.

Your best bet for finding them is keeping your eyes on Ebay. Various 9x12 plate camera holders show up semi-regularly. Keep in mind that you will need film sheaths to use film in these holders since most of them were originally designed for glass plates. PacificrimCamera also seem to have various 9x12 plate holders most of the time. Good luck.

I ended up finding a bunch of holders first and them buying the camera that went with them. Most of my holders came with film sheaths already in them.


O.W. Tutor
13-Feb-2004, 13:43
I have two Voigtlanders the Avus is 6.5x9 cm, the other one is 9x12. The 9x12 plates are almost 4 in wide & is 6 1/4. Some of my plates are Voigtlander some are Kodak. hope this helps