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5-Jan-2004, 14:24
Is there a hardware store solution to a missing retaining ring, or are the threads on a shutter special in some way? I am missing the mounting flange for my dagor (in a hopelessly broken ilex acme shutter for a barrel) and $35.00 (from SkGrimes.com) seems a tad expensive if I can get something at the hardware store.

Jim Galli
5-Jan-2004, 15:36
In a word..........no. Hot glue for now and those flanges always seem to come along in junk boxes later. Every once in a while you'll even get a match. $35 is throwing good money after bad when you might get lucky and find a working shutter on feebay with the correct flange along for double that amount.

Ernest Purdum
5-Jan-2004, 16:00
What shutter is it? Some of the common smaller ones are available for much less. Retaining rings are ordinarily cheaper than flanges of similar size.

Alan Davenport
5-Jan-2004, 19:30
I thought the price SK Grimes wanted for a flange to mount an Alphax #4 shutter was a bit steep. I thought about cheaping out; heck when I bought it the shutter was hot-glued into a 1/4" thick aluminum ring. Then I thought about having to apologize for the language I'd probably use if the glue gave up and the lens hit the sidewalk. I gave in and ordered the flange from Grimes. Now, I have to say it's worth the price just for the quality of the workmanship. That flange is a work of art all by itself.

Michael Kadillak
5-Jan-2004, 20:55
In a similar to Alan's comments, I knew a guy a few years back that would not cough up a reasonable amount for a decent tripod (his skinny 35mm legs were more than adequate for the task of holding his wooden 4x5) after I continued to tell him about the skewed risk/reward relationship. When his camera and prized lens took a header and got smasked to pieces, he looked me straight in the eyes and said that he should have done what I told him and not been so tight.

I purchased a flange from Grimes as there is no way I would trust my mint 14" Commercial Ektar on my lensboard to glue or less trustworthy alternative. There is nothing like precision machining and the feel of covering six complete metal threads when it goes in place to put a smile on your face. Look upon it as a small investment in the future ofthe support we all need as large format photographers. Cheers!

5-Jan-2004, 22:41
sk grimes has made me a pair of flanges - one for a 14 " vitax and the other for a 14" veritar. they are worth their weight in gold! and even though the 35$ seems like a lot of cash, it is a lot cheeper than hunting all over the place to find the exact same sort of thing for $30 ... or buying a lock nut with the wrong pitch thread ...

- john

David Richhart
6-Jan-2004, 07:25
Camera stores that deal in used equipment will often have a "junk box" of old mounting rings sitting under the counter. You can usually find some at camera swap-meets also. Be sure to take your shutter along for the fitting... it is a lot like playing bingo... you either hit or you don't.

About the large Kodak lenses... Midwest Photo Supply in Columbus, Ohio, sells new mounting flanges for the Ilex #5 shutters. Price is $20-25

David F. Stein
6-Jan-2004, 08:15
Try Midwest (as suggested) or Equinox Photographic. Either will let you mail the lens in and try to find a match from their reasonably priced stock. GODO LUCK.

Brian Ellis
7-Jan-2004, 08:13
I'm surprised that anyone would think $35 too steep for a custom made flange and so would glue something on, meanwhile searching e bay and camera stores hoping to get one for less. Good grief, $35 is about the cost of a box of film or a nice dinner or a few drinks. I pay almost that to fill up my car with gas. I'm not criticizing you for asking the question but I hope you don't accept some of the suggestions you've received.

David Richhart
7-Jan-2004, 09:39
Brian... some people like buying things new, and there are those of us that enjoy swap-meets, auctions, garage sales, and second hand stores. The real fun is in the searching, and the reward is in the occasional "BIG FIND". I'm glad people buy new because it creates an endless flow of supplies to us "scroungers"

What would you offer me for my late model Seal 18x22 dry mount press in clean and excellent working condition. Complete with tacking iron a supply of release paper and mounting tissue? It only cost me $60. The auctioneer thought it might be for ironing shirts. That savings will buy a lot of film!

Besides, what is wrong with saving that $35 for a lens ring and spending it on the box of film like you said, or an afternoon matinee with the grandkids?

Brian Ellis
8-Jan-2004, 10:10
Hi Dave - No offense to all the "scroungers" out there was intended but he didn't indicate he took pleasure in seeking out old used things, he just thought he might find something for less in a hardware store. Actually I do like looking for bargains occasionally. My local pro camera shop always has a table of ancient stuff that sells for a dollar or two. I don't even know what half of it is but I always enjoy looking. Who knows, I might find a Seal 18 x 22 dry mount press on the table for $60 some day. : - )