View Full Version : At last---a shutter for a 19" RD Artar!

John Kasaian
4-Jan-2004, 21:59
Years ago I got a 19" APO Artar barrel lens with the thought of having it mounted in a shutter. I never did because it was pretty beat up with a dented filter ring and a corresponding chip in the front element, as well as being the uncoated version---which is why it was so cheap. It didn't seem worth the expen$e since I wouldn't have been able to get my money out of it if I ever wanted to sell it, so it remained a barrel lens. No biggie, except that this 19", along with my 14" APO Artar really got me addicted to Goerz APOs and feuled my ambition to one day have a shuttered 19" Artar (egads! I hope this isn't a "silver bullet" type thing!---I really do have a use for a long lens)

I recently got a 2nd 19" Artar barrel---this one a red dot---and it looks pristene enough to consider sending to S.K.Grime's shop for mounting. While most 19" Artars I've seen came in No.4 Acmes, I'd like to mount mine in a No.5 Universal since most of my other lenses are in the old beasts and I've already got lensboards with the flanges on them. What I'm wondering is this: Has anyone else used this lens/shutter combination, and if so, do you like it? Or are there problems(outside of the fact that No.5 Universals are heavy, and are known to have a rather sardonic sense of humor) that I should be aware of? Is there a significant savings in having it front mounted as opposed to tripe sandwich style(with the guts in the middle?) Since this will be "The" long lens in my 8x10 kit from here on in, I want to make sure I do this right. I know S.K.Grime's shop will do a great a job, but I'd like to hear what you experts have to say.---------Cheers! ---------Thanks!

Robert A. Zeichner
5-Jan-2004, 04:56
As long as you don't mind using such a large shutter, why not just front mount it? Maybe you'll come across a 16-1/2" Artar that you would like to include as part of this kit as well. If front mounted, you could share the shutter by just having adapter rings made for whatever lenses you acquire. This will be cheaper and you'll reduce overall weight of the package. Additionally, you will have one shutter that (assuming you time it) will be a known and identical shutter for several lenses plus you can remove the lens and make more compact pieces to store in your case.

Michael A.Smith
5-Jan-2004, 05:53
I use a 19" RD ARTAR in a #5 Ilex. No problem.

Frank Marshman ("Camera Wiz"), 800-471-8133, has all of the parts for Ilex #5s--he got them from Ilex, I believe when they stopped making them. I do not know if he has any complete shutters on hand. But for Ilex's, he's the one to put them together.

Ernest Purdum
5-Jan-2004, 08:06
I just re-checked to make sure that a #5 Universal will take a 19" Artar on the front. No problem - no vignetting.

There are several advantages to front mounting in the instances when it is feasible. The big one is money. Mounting the cells on each side of the shutter is a very high precision job. Making an adapter to place the whole lens in barrel on the front requires a much lower level of accuracy, therefore a much smaller invoice.

Mr. Zeichner has listed front-mounting advantages. The isn't much disadvantage except a little more front weight bias. Either way would require a sizable well-braced lensboard.

N Dhananjay
5-Jan-2004, 08:19
My lenses (and one of them is a 19" Artar), for the most part, front mount onto a Betax 5 shutter. It works very well and the savings were substantial. The one downside to front mounting is that sometimes you lose coverage due to vignetting behind the lens by the shutter body. As first step rules of thumb, the glass needs to be smaller than the shutter openeing and needs to be snug up against the shutter. But if you are using long lenses, this is seldom an issue, especially given that most of these lenses have coverage grossly in excess of typical 8x10 requirements. I use a 30" Artar, which is also front mounted on the Betax 5 and have had no problem. The Ilex shutters are quite reliable - they have limited top speeds (maybe around 1/50 or so) but that is seldom a problem at typical LF apertures. Cheers, DJ

Ernest Purdum
5-Jan-2004, 08:25
P.S. Although slightly smaller, a #5 Alphax would also work. A #5 Compound is bigger than necessary. Regrettably, my favorite shutter for front-mounting, the Shanel 5-A (it was made specifically for this purpose), is just a little too small.

Carsten Wolff
4-Jan-2006, 22:29
How did you go?
I front-mounted my 19" Artar on a big old Alphax shutter via a push-on Delrin adapter made by a local fitter and turner. The whole thing now sits on a Linhof board in an Arca Swiss 5x7. I couldn't be happier. Up front I added a 62mm adapter ring and put on a B+W MRC coated UV filter which I still had. When photographing into the sun I further avoid flare with a Lee compendium hood. OK, so it's a tad bigger than, say, a Fuji-c 450mm, but it didn't cost much (the filter was as expensive as any of the other components) and pic quality is outstanding. Generally, I find that in this focal length, no matter what lens one uses, having a decent camera support (e.g. Manfrotto/Bogen "long lens support") the most important factor for a successful outcome. My old Arca outfit has about a metre of bellows available,(I combined a normal and a wide-angle bellows via a 3rd Standard), so wind and vibration can make things interesting....