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Leung Kam Hon
4-Jan-2004, 19:29
I have an Ebony 4x5 which uses Linhof lensboard. I am thinking of buying an Arca-Swiss 4x5 F which uses their own lensboard 110x110mm and a Wisner TF which uses 4"x4" lensboards. I would like to ask what is the easiest and safest way to manage these three different types of lensboards without buying myself a complete sets of lenses for each different cameras :-).

Is it normal practice to change the lensboards by yourselves or you have to get a technician to do it?


David Flockhart
4-Jan-2004, 19:54
You can have adapter boards made that allow one lens board type and size to be used on several cameras. They are normally around $100.00, give or take.

Leung Kam Hon
4-Jan-2004, 20:08
Thanks Dave,

But the 3 sizes are very similar, Linhof around 3-3/4" square, Arca 4-5/16" sq. and Wisner 4" sq. I doubt these types of adapter (for adapting very close sizes) are available. Arca makes an Linhof to Arca adapter but it is to be used on Arca's larger cameras (lensboard 6-3/4" sq.)

Michael S. Briggs
4-Jan-2004, 20:15
Lenses can be moved by the photographer from lensboard to lensboard, but this would soon become tedious and inconvenient if you regularly used a lens on different lensboards. Additionally, there is a slight risk of damaging the lens when it is removed from or installed on a lensboard. As David says, an adapter lensboard that accepts your "standard" lensboard is the best approach. Try mounting all of your lenses on the lensboard that you find most convenient (probably the smallest), and for each camera that doesn't directly accept that lensboard, try to buy an adapter lensboard that accepts your standard type lensboard.

Why three different 4x5 cameras? I can easily imagine reasons for two, e.g., one light weight and one full featured, but three?

tim atherton
4-Jan-2004, 20:43
whioch 4x5 F Line uses the smaller lensboards? (only the F Field? with the 6x9 front standard?)

Even so, unless the lens board sizes are really really close, it's still often possible to get an adapter made (wisner makes one for the 4x4 yech filed board). and other indepnedants make them

Mike Troxell
4-Jan-2004, 21:22
Richard T. Ritter makes adapter boards. I currently us a Zone VI 4x5. Right now he is making me an adapter board that will let me use my lens that are mounted in Zone VI 4x4 boards on my Ansco 8x10 which uses 6x6 boards. The added benefit of this is that I can carry the smaller (and lighter) 4x4 boards when I'm using the 8x10.
His website is:


4-Jan-2004, 21:51
If the Linhof lens board you mention is the Technika board, the adapters do exist (or can be made) to fit. Wisner sells an adapter for about $38 at last check which is a very simple affair and allows Technika-style boards to be used on Wisner cameras which accept 4x4 boards. If an adapter does not exist for the Arca, it can be made. Check with the usual suspects, SK Grimes et al.

neil poulsen
4-Jan-2004, 22:15
Whether there's currently one in stock, Arca-Swiss makes an adaptor for the Technika boards. I've also seen these occasionally on EBay. If the Wisner 4x4 boards fit the Ebony, then you could also get one of the Wisner adaptors and be set. Perhaps Ron Wisner would have it painted a color that would better match your Ebony.

If you ever decide to get a 6x9 Arca, there's no adaptor board from the 110x110 Arca board to the Technika.

David Flockhart
5-Jan-2004, 15:25
Hi again, there is a camera for sale that displays the type of board we are discussing (fyi only).

http://home.rochester.rr.com/photozen/canham/pic.html Cheers