View Full Version : Ilex Wide-Angle Paragon =?= Ilex Acugon

Steve Goldstein
4-Apr-2012, 09:33
The title pretty much says it. Do these differ only in the name, or in other ways as well such as older/different design or whatever?

Thank you, all-knowing web.

Louis Pacilla
4-Apr-2012, 10:08
The Ilex Wide Field Paragon was a Plasmat type processlens . I have one here I had forgotten about.It is a "10 3/4" f10 Ilex Wide field Process Paragon" and it's certainly a process lens.The rear cell is very convex and can easily be scratched. it's a reather large lens for it's FL and and not sure how it covers used as a taking lens at infinity focus.

I don't think Ilex made a true Wide Angle with the Paragon name. But again just my experience and having never seen such a lens.

The Accugon was a 90 mm f8 wide angle for 4x5 and I believe this to be a close cousin to a Schneider f8 SA .

Dan Fromm
4-Apr-2012, 10:14
Steve, if it isn't engraved "Process," is f/8, and is 47, 65, or 90 mm it is the same lens as the Acugon. f/8 Super Angulon clone designed and made in Rochester.

4-Apr-2012, 10:43
Louis is correct. I have a 90/8 Ilex Acugon. It was designed as a Super Angulon clone. I know they were also offered in a 65mm version, but I'm not sure about its design or other focal lengths.
If you have specific a questions about the 90/8 Acugon, let me know. I still have it at home as of now, but it will probably be cut from the team in spring cleaning.


Steve Goldstein
4-Apr-2012, 10:48
Thanks guys. I have some old Ilex literature that refers to the Acugon, which was offered in 65mm and 90mm only, both f/8, and was the Super Angulon clone. Lynn Jones says their performance is actually better than the SA. But I'd never seen a 65mm with the "Paragon" designation. If it's the same as the Acugon it'll about cover 4x5, and would be a good candidate for mounting on Ben's project assuming the FFL is compatible.

4-Apr-2012, 10:57
If you're planning to use filters on it, you will need to find or make a slip on adapter. My version of this lens has no filter threads. I've never done side by side performance comparisons with it and the Schneider SA, but I can tell you that it has the same shortcomings as the SA when it comes to focusing in low light. While it is heavier, I'm much happier with what my 90/4.5 Grandagon offers.
Hope this helps.


Mark Tweed
4-Apr-2012, 14:26
Steve, you didn't say what focal length or f-rating your WF Paragon is, but your lens is a different animal than Ilex's Acugon series (47mm, 65mm & 90mm - also featured as Caltar Wide Fields and BBOI Veriwides). I purchased a 10 3/4" WF Paragon years ago over this forum and sadly had to send it right back (one of the back lens elements cracked in transit). The coverage was comparable to a 250mm Kodak Wide Field Ektar. It was a big lens in a big Ilex shutter with strongly convex outer elements. Quite different in appearance than the Acugon series (I have one of the 65mm lenses). Louis is right, I believe the WF Paragon is a Plasmat design. It appeared to be a excellent quality lens which unfortunately I was unable to try out. I have several Ilex offerings from their Tessars and Plasmats to their Wide Angles, and they are all superbly sharp.

The person who could accurately settle this question is Lynn Jones, who was involved in the development of these lenses.

Enjoy the one you have.


Steve Goldstein
4-Apr-2012, 17:58
I did contact Lynn privately, he said that this particular lens, in an Ilex #1 shutter, was the same as the Acugon. It's on its way to me at the moment, and will (I hope) ultimately find a home on one of the cameras Ben Syverson is developing.