View Full Version : Skink Pinhole Pancake lens ?

1-Apr-2012, 19:56
Anyone use these?
Looks kinda interesting in that you can change out the size.
Thought I saw some of these as also having a sieve type insert?

6-Mar-2014, 21:28
I'm trying to figure out how to use it..

Jim Jones
7-Mar-2014, 09:37
If you can find a bunch of old filters all of one size in a camera store, you can improvise a similar system. Mount one filter ring without its glass where the pinhole goes on the camera. Replace the glass in other filters with an opaque disk in which pinholes or zone plates are mounted. Interchanging different size pinholes. zone plates, and sieves is easy and inexpensive with such a system. Some of the old series filter holders used before today's screw-in filters became popular might work as well.