View Full Version : Adams Minex Tropical - what format do I have?

2-Jan-2004, 18:06
Hi everyone,

I have an old Adams Minex Tropical. I'm not sure what size format it is. The back openning measures 6mm x 8.5mm. Would you call that 6x9 format or 6x8?

Many thanks!

Bruce Watson
2-Jan-2004, 18:20
That sounds smaller than a Minox to me. You don't perhaps mean "cm" instead of "mm" do you?

2-Jan-2004, 18:34
Geez...I was just testing you guys!

Sorry...yes I mean "cm".


Ernest Purdum
2-Jan-2004, 18:58
First of all, how very fortunate you are to have such a splendid example of craftsmanship!

I'm not sure just where you took your measurement, but your figures approximate 2 3/8" X 3 3/8", which suggests that it is probably the 2 1/2" X 3 1/2" size. This was one of many sizes available on special order. The cost was the same as the 1/4-plate model. It may have been a rather small format, but it was still a pretty big camera.

Paul Moshay
3-Jan-2004, 00:15
Johnny, Is that the one you have on eBxy now?

3-Jan-2004, 07:59
Yes that's the one. The camera belongs to my uncle who was a commercial photographer in the New York and New Jersey area in the the 60's - 90's. Actually he is still alive and kicking - he's seventy-seven years old and healthy as a horse. He shoots for himself now and has gone digital a couple of years ago and selling the last of his analog camera equipment to buy the Epson 4000 printer and a Mac G5.

He's represented by The Old Print Shop in NYC - here's the link:


Colin Carron
3-Jan-2004, 16:47
The plate size was probably 21/4x 31/4 inches. (Two and a quarter x three and a quarter)