View Full Version : Proper shutter for 9 1/2 inch Wollensak Velostigmat series 2?

28-Mar-2012, 17:56
I am the proud new owner of a 9 1/2 inch Wollensak Velostigmat series 2, with a SF adjustment ring. The only thing missing is the shutter, I'm continuing this search started for a replacement by John Wood (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?85419-WTB-shutter-for-9-1-2-quot-Velostigmat-Series-II).

I've been doing my online research, but before I put up a WTB ad, I was hoping I could get some advice from you guys as to which is the best shutter to look for. According to the info I've gathered, these lenses came in 2 configurations (early and late design), and if I end up with the wrong one, the front element could go too deep into the shutter and actually touch the aperture blades and I'll have to have an adapter machined. (If I'm way off here, please let me know - I'm just looking for accurate info). My serial number is 139443, I'm not sure which design that falls under, but I'd certainly like to find the right shutter without having to go through all that trouble if I don't have to. The spacing between the elements needs to be precise too, right?

According to a few vintage advertisements I've found, they were originally sold with Regno, Autex, or Optimo shutters (also in a barrel). I think an Optimo #4 might be my first choice (if it fits...). Other alternatives would be: Betax, Ilex, Studio, Alphax, and Auto - all #4 size. Can anyone comment on my list? Is there anything that will definitely NOT work? I'm thinking of looking for an original first, then work my way down the list: Optimo, Autex, Regno, Betax, etc.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Sawyer
28-Mar-2012, 18:44
The Studio Shutter has male threads and the barrel that screws onto it has female threads. All the other shutters are the opposite, female threads on the shutter, male on the barrel.

The #4 Ilex had 58mm threads front and rear, the #4 Alphax was 62mm, the Betax #4 was made in several sizes, I believe...

Jon Shiu
28-Mar-2012, 19:51
With any shutter it could have originally come with an adapter ring. So as we know grimes can adapt a betax/alphax no. 4 for $80, that might be the most direct route.


29-Mar-2012, 06:38
Crap, it's going to be more difficult than I had hoped. My front and rear diameters are different, the front being about 60mm and rear about 58.5mm. Thanks for the replies, I'll try contacting SK Grimes.

Jim Galli
29-Mar-2012, 07:16
BTW, it's easier and seems more accurate to put a millimeter ruler on these old threads and come up with a number for comparison, but make no mistake, they are not mm threads. This stuff is Apple Pie.

29-Mar-2012, 07:57
Mine's in an Optimo

Paul Fitzgerald
29-Mar-2012, 08:36
"Can anyone comment on my list? Is there anything that will definitely NOT work?"

not to rain on your parade BUT you're screwed, sorry.

Studio had it's own sizes and TPI (threads per inch)
Optimo had it's own sizes and TPI
Rapax had it's own sizes and TPI
barrel, Autex, Alphax, Betax, Deltax and Regno should have the same sizes and TPI BUT there were production tolerance differences between early and late.
All of the above may have had adapter sleeves to match cells to the shutter.

Your best bet is to have your cells measured for size, depth and TPI and then check with Grimes for a match.