View Full Version : My "problem" with Kodak Readyloads

Mike Lopez
29-Dec-2003, 22:23
About a month ago, I posted a question asking whether anyone has had 4x5 frame edges cut off while using the Kodak Readyload system. I described how a couple of my negatives were cropped short on one side of the negative. Well, I think I may have found the source of my problem. When you pull the black envelope back to expose the negative, there is a quiet "double click" sound to indicate that you have pulled the envelope to its proper location. I think that my cropped negatives must have been the result of my not pulling the envelope far enough. I think I probably pulled only far enough to hear that first "click" sound. I exposed a few more sheets this weekend, and everything looks good.

Scott Walton
30-Dec-2003, 06:10
I still use the older Ready loads once in a while myself and I find that pulling them all the way there is a "stop" and the holder will not open any further. Try inserting them into the holder and just give it a pull to see if there is a stop. This will alleviate having to try to listen for the clicks... just a thought. I have the old holder also and I also find that pushing the release bar down when putting the darkslide back in place makes it much easier/quicker to get to the next shot with no light leaks at all.