View Full Version : Does 90mm + Pacemaker Speed Graphic = Drop Bed ??

26-Mar-2012, 05:48
When using a 90mm lens on a 4x5 Pacemaker Speed Graphic do you have to drop the bed to keep the front of the bed out of the shot?
It only has to clear the 4 inch dimension since you turn the whole camera for a vertical but it will be very helpful if someone knows the answer here.

Dan Fromm
26-Mar-2012, 06:01
Hmm. I have 2x3 Graphics. With them the rule is, if it makes infinity inside the box then drop the bed.

That said, the bed doesn't have to be dropped for an 80, does for a 65. And there's a hint, since 65 mm on 2x3 is roughly equivalent to 90 mm on 4x5.

26-Mar-2012, 06:29
I don't have a Pacemaker, but for the 4x5 Super Graphic the answer is "yes".

Jim Jones
26-Mar-2012, 06:31
After checking two 90mm lenses on a Speed Graphic Pacemaker, a 90mm f/8 Ilex Wide Angle Acugon does not show the front of the bed, while the more compact 90mm Optar 90mm f/6.8 shows a little bit. Neither show any bed on a Crown Graphic. I didn't remount either lens on Graphic boards for this test, but believe the information is correct.

26-Mar-2012, 06:32
i have a pacemaker, and whether i need to or not, i drop the bed ... the lens is in the box anyhow
and i seem to remember getting what i thought were rails when i first used a 90 on it, so i just do it ...

Frank Petronio
26-Mar-2012, 06:34
depends on the 90....

Peter York
26-Mar-2012, 08:19
The graflex manual recommends drop bed for 90mm, no drop with a 100mm. With my optar 90mm, the bed is dropped. This is actually nice: since the lens is in the body, I can reverse the front standard to get forward tilt without worries (its a TRF Pacemaker, not sure if this works with Kalarts).

26-Mar-2012, 08:32
I made a silly mistake 18 months ago with my 90mm f6.8 Angulon an it does includ the focus bed if it's not dropped :D


26-Mar-2012, 11:36
My Nikkor 90/4.5sw doesn't need bed drop, but that's because it sticks out a bunch.

26-Mar-2012, 18:19
Thank you for all the good help!