View Full Version : Coverage and Bellow Draw of Komura 400mm f/8?

John Rodriguez
24-Mar-2012, 08:16
Anyone know what the coverage or bellows draw of a Komura 400 f/8 tele is?

Louis Pacilla
24-Mar-2012, 10:04
Take a look in here.

Komura Catalog

John Rodriguez
24-Mar-2012, 10:10
Thanks, but it doesn't list coverage or draw.

E. von Hoegh
24-Mar-2012, 10:35
Not sure about the bellows draw, about 2/3 of the effective FL is probably in the ballpark. This is a telephoto lens, don't expect it to cover any more than a 4x5 sheet. Movements (except rise/fall and shift) are a bitch with teles.

Louis Pacilla
24-Mar-2012, 12:11
Here's the spec sheet for the Congo Tele 400 which has the same 2+2 or 4 element construction. I would think the specs should be close if not exact. I'm not sure if it will answer your draw question but does give IC .