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28-Dec-2003, 10:17
I have an 890mm apo-nikkor in barrell mount and would love to convert it for use on a mammoth camera. The lens is very large even at f/11, and currently mounted on a 10"x10" lens board (Graphic arts camera). The barrell is about 8" across. seems rather large compared with the glass diameter of about 80mm" (3"+).

Anyone have experience with the these large lenses? Can the large outside barrels be removed leaving a smaller lens assembly in place??

CP Goerz
28-Dec-2003, 14:09
Don't even think of pulling this lens apart!! With the larger sized Nikkors like this even the flange rings are customized to the lenses. Just make sure that your mammoth plate camera can take the same sized board, its really the best way to go, for the lens at least anyway.

CP Goerz

28-Dec-2003, 18:34
This lens is definately too large to be used "as is" on any lensboard. The lensboards on my 14x17 are "only" 7"x7". My goal was, . . . . is . . . ., to both lighten the lens and reduce the physical size. It probably won't be a lens I will use. It is probably best to use a smaller format such as 8x10 with a 20" lens instead of messing around with this.

Thanks for everyones input.

CP Goerz
29-Dec-2003, 12:12
Maybe an Artar which would be quite a bit smaller is the way to go.

CP Goerz

Jay DeFehr
30-Dec-2003, 18:07
What's the problem with making your mammoth camera lensboards 10x10? I mean, it's mammoth right? If you're not going to use it, you might consider trading it for something you will use. Good luck.

David Vickery
4-Jan-2004, 11:21
Hello, I have a 35" Ronar that I have used on 8x10 and 11x14. I will also use it on the larger cameras that I am building. I built an extension box onto the lens board and put a 1/4-20 T-nut in the bottom so that I could attach it to a second tripod or one of those articulating arms that you can get from some tripod manufacturers. The nikkor is probably larger but lighter than my ronar, but should work well. But I would take CP Goerz' advice and not take apart the lens except that I would not use the original lens board. The only real problem with using these larger process lenses is that the Gods of Wind will hate your guts. I mean that they will despise you with a vengeance that you have never experienced before. They will cast you and your extended bellows camera over the nearest cliff, bash you and your camera against boulders, put sand in your eyes and bellows, fill your film holders with the worst of all dirts and they will laugh at you while doing all of this and more. Your only savior will be Patience, Persistence and a level of insanity that few of us are ever able to achieve.