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Bill Brant
26-Dec-2003, 18:42
A friend of mine 'moved up' from 4x5 to 8x10 and gave me a new box of 4x5 320TXP that he does not need anymore.

I normally do my own speed and development testing. However, last year when I tested FP4+ in PMK, I found that my results were were a very close match to Hutchings' recommendations in 'The Book of Pyro'. Because of this, I thought I could refer to 'The Book of Pyro' and use Hutchings' recommended values for Tri-X as a starting point. Much to my surprise, the book only gives times for 'Kodak Tri-X' but does not state which particular emulsion the values are for..

To cut to the chase, I have not only scoured this forum, but many others, plus UseNet, and have not found any recommended values for 4x5 320TXP (or TXT as it was known until recently) in PMK.

Would anyone care to contribute their times and EI for either 320TXP or Tri-X TXT? I sure would appreciate it.


Carl Weese
27-Dec-2003, 06:29
For negatives intended for platinum/palladium printing, I use 11 minutes at 75 degrees for 4x5 TXT exposed at ei 160, processing a stack of sheets in a tray. You could start at somewhat less than that for negatives you intend to print in silver-gelatin, perhaps 9-10 minutes.---Carl

Tim Curry
27-Dec-2003, 07:48
Try asa 250 and 15:00 minutes at 70f with PMK 1:2:100. This works well for the old tri-x and a friend uses it for the new stuff as well. It seems to be ok and will certainly be in the ballpark for enlarging with a diffusion light source.

Try a contrasty scene with careful metering of shadow and highlight values. Write it down and see where you end up in the print. If it's off at all, shouldn't be by much.

Matt Miller
27-Dec-2003, 10:19

Did you see this (http://unblinkingeye.com/Articles/Times/TriX/trix.html)?

Bill Brant
27-Dec-2003, 14:54
Matt and Everyone

Thanks for the replies. Matt, I did see that information on Unblinking Eye, I even exchanged email with Ed Buffaloe on the subject; Ed confirmed that his times are for 120 TX.. He normally develops sheet film via inspction, but gave me some development times and EIs to start with.

It looks like I won't be able take a short-cut on this one; I'll run the usual battery of Zone tests on it, which I should do in any case. I'll post my results to this thread, therefore increasing civilations's total knowledge by some small amount <grin>.


steve simmons
27-Dec-2003, 20:20
I shoot the new TRI-x AT 200 AND PROCESS 6 SHEETS AT A TIME IN pmk FOR 11.5 MINUTES. The tray processing procedure is in the free section of our web site


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steve simmons