View Full Version : Pinhole camera movements

Jim Taylor
26-Dec-2003, 10:22
Has anyone systematically investigated the effects of camera movements on pinhole images. Will these movements make it possible to correct such distortions as keystoning. My experience so far has been with fixed opening position box style cameras. Thanks in advance, Jim

Gary Frost
26-Dec-2003, 16:44
The effects of rise/fall and shift will be the same as when using a lens. The effect of tilt is of little use in pinhole as there is no plane of focus to adjust.

John Alexander Dow
27-Dec-2003, 04:34
Tilting rear standard would have same effect on geometry as with glass lens

james mickelson
28-Dec-2003, 15:58
And therein lay the beauty of pinhole. Amazing DoF and distortion anyway you like. You are limited only by your imagination.

Mark Sampson
31-Dec-2003, 11:59
Previewing the amount of rise might be a problem...

Jim Taylor
3-Jan-2004, 11:01
Thank you one and all. I am building a 20x24 pinhole camera from an old repro camera and will be able to preview on etched glass, perhaps with the aid of a simple B&W digital camera for light amplification. For this wheel-around behemoth my goals are well composed images with good control of perspective for architectural subjects. With the materials at hand rise/fall and shifts will be relatively easy to implement.


Murray Leshner
2-Feb-2004, 12:02

I realize not even a month has passed, and reducing the images to the web may not be a goal of yours, but I would like to know how this goes. I have interest in doing same, as well as using a single biconvex lens of long f.l.