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22-Mar-2012, 02:10
I'm interested in Pantoscop No.4 lens. I found some info about lens (185mm, will cover 25x30cm, something similar to "globe" and etc.), but I was trying to find some information how does this lens perform in real life and... no success.
Is it any good to use today or it is just a collector's item? How is picture quality (I understand, not so good as modern WA lens, but is it still usable)?

Hope some of you had experience with this lens and could share info, or just have seen "review" somewhere. Any info about this lens is welcome.

Thank you.

Steven Tribe
22-Mar-2012, 02:31
VM chats quite a bit about performance (CCHarrison's VM download has pictures of the Pantoscope).
It is optically more succesful than the "Globe"!
I, personally, think it is more a collectors item as prices have always been high and it's oddities (large flange and extreme curvature) count in collectors' circles.

Funny you should ask to-day! I would like to point out the approaching European Auction which features both the no.4 and no.6 Pantoscope, have gross errors in the listing as regards dating! Both are R.O.I.A engraved which means they just before - or just into the 20th century!

22-Mar-2012, 02:59
European Auction which features both the no.4 and no.6 Pantoscope
That no.6 looks nice. Would be nice for 20x22 "point and shoot camera" :)
Also it's interesting, that some lenses have "Pantoscop" (with "C") and some "Pantoskop" (with "K") - one is for export and another local market version?

22-Mar-2012, 05:27
I use a Pantoskop 4 as a wideangle for my Wet Plate photography. I use it mostly on 8x10" an d it's a very sharp lens. I love it!

26-Mar-2012, 15:29
Ive shot the lens before and it is indeed sharp. I think its over priced now unless you can find one hidden away in a shop where they dont know what it is. I have a tiny RR that is just as sharp stopped down by Emil Busch. It will cover 8x10 and its tack sharp and cost my only about 100.00. Not sure what size Pantoskop I had, it was a while ago but I shot it on 11x14. if you arent careful where the light is in relationship to your lens you end up with a flare spot in the center of the frame, just like the Globe. If money is no object though get one!

I just mounted this one up and will shoot it soon. Globe #6 on my 8x10 camera. I be shooting it on 11x14 too. It should cover more than that though.


27-Mar-2012, 05:38
Thank you for answers.
I decided to get (actually received already) Pantoscop No.4. Very nice small lens, just without flange and front element (metal cone) is slightly out of shape. Glass is good, without scratches, hope i'll have chance to try it soon (need to get bigger camera).

Steven Tribe
27-Mar-2012, 07:04
The pantoscope 4 went for a reasonable price, whilst the 6 went up to quite a price!

27-Mar-2012, 07:37
Sorry, I forgot to mention, I've bought it from another website, not from auction. Price-wise "it was a bit better". :)
No6 went even higher than old Lerebours, I thought last one deserved more bids.

27-Mar-2012, 10:22
Pantoscope #6 is rare, isn't it? :confused: