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21-Mar-2012, 12:18
I've got some camera parts I want to make super non-reflective. I'm looking for some sort of black velvet or flocking to use. What have others tried that is super black? I see a huge variety of black flocking on ebay; some of it on decoys that don't looks super black. I've also found some black velvetty polyester/spandex clothing at goodwill that is very black straight on, but has a sheen at an angle which I don't want.

Any recommendations appreciated!

Peter De Smidt
21-Mar-2012, 12:49

It's good stuff.

J. Fada
21-Mar-2012, 13:07
I second that..... Great stuff.

21-Mar-2012, 16:18
Two quick recommendations and an affordable price ; looks ideal. Thanks!

23-Mar-2012, 05:46
Its been a decade ago but my source was Edmund Scientific.
No matter what the source, I have always had problems with the flocking shedding ... like having a dust storm in your camera. Vacuum it before you install it!

Steve Goldstein
23-Mar-2012, 06:39
I used that flocking to improve my Shen-Hao's back, with good effect.

I'd noticed that a bright source just out-of-field produced an artifact on the film. The light was reflecting off the "flat black" paint on the edges of the opening. I applied thin strips of this flocking, cut with a razor blade, and that solved the problem.

This particular product doesn't seem to shed too badly, I've never noticed a problem.

neil poulsen
10-Nov-2012, 11:06
I used some half-inch and inch black velvet with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing to reduce internal reflection in a 6x9 old-style Arca. I purchased it at JoAnn Fabrics in the Pacific N.W.

11-Nov-2012, 14:40
I used that pro star to flock my Yashika 635. Works great!!