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Ralph Barker
20-Mar-2012, 06:47
We've created a new forum for LF DIY projects:

LF DIY (Do It Yourself) - discussions of how to build, restore or repair large format cameras and equipment or accessories for handling large format negatives (4x5 and larger).


20-Mar-2012, 06:48
Cool. Thanks Ralph!

Kirk Gittings
20-Mar-2012, 09:10
This idea came up because of the "DSLR scanner project" which had many threads and became hard to follow. This may help. We want to be moving legacy threads which fit the theme of this new sub forum so if you run acros one copy the link and post it here and we will move it.

Peter De Smidt
20-Mar-2012, 11:17
Good idea.

21-Mar-2012, 02:40
just notice the new DIY forum. great :)