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steve simmons
23-Dec-2003, 10:12
We've just posted an article from the Sept/Oct 03 issue on 5x7 cameras.


it is in the Free Articles section.

steve simmons

Mike Chini
23-Dec-2003, 12:00
Great article, Steve. I'd also appreciate it if anyone can let me know who will be selling the Shen Hao 5x7. Badger is waiting for more interest in it and B&H and Adorama don't carry Shen Hao at all.

Thanks again, MC

Gem Singer
23-Dec-2003, 13:36
Hi Mike,

Give Jim a call, at Midwest Photo Exchange (jim@mpex.com). He ordered the new titanium/teak 8X10 Shen Hao, at my request, and now has it in stock. He may be willing to order a 5X7 for you, if they are available. He is a Shen Hao dealer and sells them for a slightly lower price than Badger Graphics.

Mike Chini
23-Dec-2003, 15:36
Thanks Eugene. I'll do just that.

Ole Tjugen
24-Dec-2003, 03:51
A very good article indeed. However there's one information missing, which is rather important to me: Lensboard size.

The reason why I want to know this, is that I won't buy a camera which can't take my 300mm/f:4.5 Xenar. Once you get used to this huge lump of glass, anything smaller seems dim and murky...

Kerry L. Thalmann
24-Dec-2003, 16:54

I don't have all the specs in front of me, but the Arca Swiss probably has the largest (171mm x 171mm) lens boards of any 5x7 camera. The Tachihara, Osaka, Artworks, Ebony and the Toho (and think the Shen-Hao) all take Sinar size (140mm x 140mm) boards (most of these also have adapters to use smaller - usually Linhof/Wista style - boards). I believe the Lotus has the option of either Sinar or Linhof Technika boards. The Canham takes 110mm x 110mm boards.

If you'd like info on a specific camera, let me know and I'll look it up.


Ernest Purdum
24-Dec-2003, 18:43
My experience in using a lens of similar spec's to Ole's is that while it may fit on a particular lensboard, the front-biased weight may still be a severe problem.