View Full Version : Lensboard for Super Angulon XL 47/5.6 fit in Master Technika 2000

Fai Au
22-Dec-2003, 17:46
Does anybody know the Linhof Recessed Lensboard #001016 with openning Copal #0 can be used with Super Angulon XL47/5.6 Copal #0 for fitting into the Master Technika 2000?

I have checked with the Technika 2000 user handbook, it recommended to use the #00120+002727 lensboard. But there is no supply neither from B&H nor Badger. There are also no info can be found over the internet.

I want to buy the Super Angulon XL47/5.6 Copal #0 for my Technika 2000 and Sinar F2. Does the #001016 be fit for both? I got the adapter for Technika to Sinar already.

Thanks for any input.

Fai Au

Bob Salomon
22-Dec-2003, 17:59
No it won't work.

Fai Au
22-Dec-2003, 18:20
Hi Bob,


Can you tell me where has the stock of #00120+002727?

Can it be used on Sinar F2 via an adapter board?

Fai Au

Bob Salomon
23-Dec-2003, 08:33
Please check with us first to eliminate a lot of wasted time.

A 000120 is the catalog number of the Master Technika 2000. 00120 is a not a Linhof catalog number. 002727 is the unthreaded nipple to fit the cable release for the Linhof QR socket.

The correct lensboard, according to the latest factory price list, is 001120 and we do have it in stock so any dealer listed on our web page can order it for you.