View Full Version : Linhof quick cable release causing problem?

18-Mar-2012, 22:35
Hi all.
I was out shooting today with my Technika V and 90mm f8 SA mounted on a genuine Linhof recessed lens board. I noticed that when pressed the quick release mechanism causes the lens to move slightly in shutter mounted in the lens board. On closer inspection it seems the little wire arm requires a lot more force to fire the shutter compared to if the cable release was screwed directly into the lens. Is this normal or can anyone offer any advise on how to minimise the extra movement and friction these parts cause?
Thanks for your help!

Bob Salomon
19-Mar-2012, 02:35
Who mounted the lens in the shutter? Sounds like it may not have been done properly or the lens was not tightened down properly. Are you using the proper Linhof cable release?

20-Mar-2012, 00:37
Hi Bob.
The lens was mounted by a Linhof trained tech, although I suppose there is always a chance it has worked its way loose over time. All the parts, including the cable release, are genuine Linhof parts. It's probably a small problem.
Thanks again,

Bob Salomon
20-Mar-2012, 01:37
Should be easy to fix. Just send it to a Linhof service center.

Frank Petronio
20-Mar-2012, 04:19
Sounds like you need to tighten the retaining ring on the lens so it doesn't rotate.