View Full Version : apo ronar 365mm F9

pierre salomon
21-Dec-2003, 19:04
Hello everyone Thanks for all the help about LF. I do have one more question before the year ends. Does anyone have experience using a rodenstock apo ronar 360 F9 with a sinar auto shutter ? Happy Holidays. Thanks

21-Dec-2003, 20:10
I have this lens on a copal shutter # 3 and it is awesome in its sharpness. I have been printing my B&W negs from this lens to mural size with 150 mm rodagon-G enlarging lens just recently and the results are just worth all the trouble working with 4x5.

Robert A. Zeichner
22-Dec-2003, 04:55
The late Steve Grimes mounted just such a lens for me in an Ilex #4 shuter. It is perhaps one of the sharpest lenses I own, also one of the heaviest.