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William Whitaker
17-Mar-2012, 10:04
The focusing rail on my Pacemaker Crown Graphic won't extend past the point where the rear section (after the link) tries to engage the forward track. It just stops. There is clearly plenty of rack gear remaining aft of the pinion and plenty of bellows, so surely the camera was designed to extend beyond this point. Nothing appears to be bent. And the interference is on both sides of the track; it's not just one side that's hanging up. I can't find a release catch.

Maybe someone has a suggestion? Barring that, is there still anyone reputable who repairs these cameras?

17-Mar-2012, 10:06
Try calling this fellow: http://www.stevecamera.com/

17-Mar-2012, 10:55
Having rebuilt a couple of Pacemekers I found the problems are usually caused by the previous owners closing the cmeras with the rails not fully retracted damaging the rear rail guides. My Speed Graphics rear guides were beyond repair and I had to replace them.

It's important that the rear guides are shimmed correctly so that the rear rails line up with the front section, it's not difficult. There's two screw headed small bolts that hold each of the rear guides in place.

You need to check the condition of the rear rails and the front edges of the rear rail section for any damage.



William Whitaker
17-Mar-2012, 13:18
Thank you both for your answers and suggestions. Ian, you've probably hit it on the head. I could probably do the work, but would feel more secure sending to a pro. Plus I don't have a good work space right now.

While the first suggestion looks good, does anyone know of a good repair shop in the northeast (US)? I'm in New England.