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15-Mar-2012, 19:17
Little help . I am looking at a 8x10 camera found one a B&J camera extension rail lens board . How good were are these cameras . Is this something that will be good for hiking shooting or am I dreaming. I would like anew one but price is not happening . A little help please thanx craig

Mark Sawyer
15-Mar-2012, 19:24
The B&J Commercial View was a good camera, quite sturdy and lots of movements. It's a little larger and heavier than the average 8x10 field camera of its day, so it's not the optimal choice for hiking, but it's not outrageously bad.

Oren Grad
15-Mar-2012, 19:36
Condition matters a lot with the B&J. Because of the design of the camera, the rear standard in particular can get very wobbly in well-worn examples.

16-Mar-2012, 08:49
I have one and I'm very happy with it but I don't get to far away from the car with it.

16-Mar-2012, 10:52
It's not exactly compact or light. You have to pay more to get lightweight and compact. If you're hiking a mile or so, it's easily do-able, but I wouldn't take it on a big adventure by my own power. In a car/truck/sled, no problem.

A deardorff will be more compact, but is a lot more $. Or deal with something a little simpler like a Kodak 2d, which will probably be a little more $.

It's still a good camera. I've got a B&J 8x10 view camera (field camera style) and a B&J 8x10 Rembrandt portrait camera.

17-Mar-2012, 17:07
Thank you everyone for your reply I may get if the last minute birds dont drop in