View Full Version : Brand New Dagor I would like to bang up

Jim Galli
19-Dec-2003, 09:25
I have a very late 8 1/4" Dagor. 829,XXX in it's box, barrel mount, never used. Does anyone have or know where I can purchase bushings to mount it into an Ilex 3. I'd love to whisk it off to Mr. Grimes establishment but cannot afford to have it done that way.

19-Dec-2003, 10:50
Be a man. You don't need a shutter.

Michael Jones
19-Dec-2003, 13:07

Send it to me and I'll take care of it. I'll test it, too and let you know if you really want it.


jerry brodkey
19-Dec-2003, 14:16
How about a Packard shutter? That should be alot cheaper...


John Kasaian
19-Dec-2003, 17:50

I've got a funky (very funky)No.4 Universal with a keystone flashmeter that should(might?) fit onto the front of your dagor. If you're interested, send me an e-mail and I'll give you it's specs.

Jim Galli
19-Dec-2003, 18:54
Thanks to all. I suppose I was wishing for someone from the shop area of Burke & James to say no problem, I've got a 55 gallon drum full of those I brought home when we closed out B&J's lens bank. Wishful thinking. Another member has been very helpful off-line and given some good ideas which I will pursue. And fully 1/3 of my pictures can be accomplished without a shutter so that is not a daunting idea at all. I've done many many pics just that way. I'd just like to have full use for almost any possibility.

Darin Cozine
20-Dec-2003, 15:08

out of curiosity, why does your dagor need bushings for the ilex #3? What shutter is it supposed to fit?

Jim Galli
20-Dec-2003, 19:17
Hi Darin. Very late aluminum barrel with threads both groups about 41 1/2mm. Jim