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Kevin Kemner
28-May-1999, 13:16
Can anyone offer advice regarding the performance and reliability of seiko shutt ers? I'm considering purchasing either a fuji sw 120 f8 in seiko or a new or ne wer fuji 135 cmw in copal. I'm pretty much a novice with regards to this stuff. If it matters any I'm in Nevada where its very hot and dry. Thanks.

Charles Matter
28-May-1999, 15:11
I've used them for years in Bronica ETR's and found them extremly reliable

N Dhananjay
29-May-1999, 13:08
hi i use a fuji w 150mm in a seiko shutter. the shutter has been quite reliable. i've had no trouble with it. dj

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
29-May-1999, 23:05
My 65mm Fujinon was mounted in a Seiko and I had absolutley no trouble with it at all. Most shutters if in good condition and well maintained - exercised and not allowed to get dusty or lubricated or poked around in by less experienced folks - are quite reliable. There are a few Stinko designs out there though. Older shutters get out of time and need to be C.L.A.'d and so on, and my never be exact but if you know how far off they are you can adjust your exposure with the aperture.

Visit Steven Grimes Web page for ewverything you need to know about shutters. He is an invaluable resource! www.skgrimes.com !!!

Ted Brownlee`
1-Jun-1999, 02:25

I have used Seiko shutters in my Bronica lenses with no problems. I also have a Seiko SLV shutter on a 180mm F/6.3 Yamazaki (Congo) lens that has been in consistent use since 1977 with no problems. Having said that, I believe that a copal lens may be easier to use, mainly because the press lever can be operated without cocking the shutter. Maybe later Seiko lenses can do that now.

Good Luck! ~Ted

Rick Kelly
18-Nov-1999, 19:34
I have a 150 mm F/6.3 Fujinon W (yes, F 6.3) in a Seiko shutter, and it has been rather unreliable compared to an ancient Ilex and a 40 year old Compur I have. It tends to slow down with time, and I have had it cleaned and refurbished twice. Now it is running sluggishly again. Personally, I would not buy a Seiko again.

Then again, as far as I can tell, Fuji never made an F 6.3 150 mm Fujinon W, so maybe the whole setup is abnormal. A very good lens, however.