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15-Mar-2012, 06:36

I've got a nice 13x18cm Sinar Norma, which is very nice and I enjoy every (rare) moment I can shoot with it. But watching some 18x24cm (or 8x10in) kits flowing through ebay at ridiculous prices set me thinking - why not? Film holders I already have as well as film (for pinhole purpose), some of my lenses will work with this format, so why not?

The question is - the offers consist mostly of a frame with focusing back and bellows. Something like this:
(image found via google)

But what about the rear standard holder or clasp or how is the thing that attaches the back to the rail called? Do I just unscrew some part of my 13x18 back and screw it on, just raising the front standard to make it level? Or do I need another standard bearer? If so - is it possible to use a P2 thing on the Norma rail?

Thank you for all your help..

15-Mar-2012, 09:17
Hard to see on the pic but I think that it shows the back and bellows which you just slide onto the rail (back) and attach to the front standard (bellows)
I would like an 8X10 back for my Norma too but they seem hard to come by these days.
Here a Norma 8X10 back attached.
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Leonard Robertson
15-Mar-2012, 10:56
I'm no Sinar expert, being a Norma owner for just a few months now, so someone please correct me if I post wrong information. According to the Norma instructions here: http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/sinar_1.html on page 5, "The 8X10/18X24 back requires changing the entire rear assembly including the carrier clamp." I believe the "carrier clamp" referred to is the entire unit that clamps on to the rail. The Sinar instruction book doesn't show it clearly, but I've seen pictures which seem to show the "carrier clamp" is the same for 4X5 and 5X7, but a wider one is needed for the 8X10 rear frame.

Here are a couple of posts I had Bookmarked on Sinar format changing:



Neither post quite answers your questions, but is at least some additional information. While P 8X10 rear standards and backs aren't exactly common, there seem to be more available than Norma 8X10 rears. It seems the P rear may work with a Norma front, but there were different P 8X10 backs - metering and non-metering of different sizes.


Steven Tribe
15-Mar-2012, 12:25
The normal "Norma" sinar multi-size design is the 8x10 designed heavy duty back with 3 different backs "cut out" for the 3 formats. The dedicated 5x7 will go down to 4x5 in the same way. Changing formats is a question of compressing the two paired catches on the side.

Joshua Dunn
15-Mar-2012, 17:30

The picture you posted is for a Sinar P2 system, not a Sinar Norma. You will need a 18x24cm Norma back, not the P series you posted.


15-Mar-2012, 23:51
Thank you all - now I see the difference.. I'll wait and watch.. :)