View Full Version : Springback kit for Graflex 34 or 45

tom thomas
15-Mar-2012, 03:36
I just spotted a new NOS springback kit for Graflex Pacemaker 34 and 45 models on E*B? if anyone is looking to upgrade their camera. Check out item 150776989088. Seller has quite a few old camera items as well although very proud of some as pricing indicates.

I'm back in France so bored on a cold wet and foggy March morning. Browsing the web offers some diversion, finding Graflex stuff makes it interesting.


Michael Cienfuegos
15-Mar-2012, 23:04
That's pretty expensive for two cheesy clamps. You only need those if you want to use a roll film back on your graphic back camera.

16-Mar-2012, 03:53
In college I shot thousands of "school dance couples" using these spring adapters for a pair of rollfilm adapters. My early GV II had only a spring back, not the later Graflock. In additon to the springs, the kit has a pair of screws to hold the springs in place, which are elongated and serrated so they can be screwed off and on easily by hand, allowing the regular Graphic back to be easily interchanged.
It was also handy for attaching the Graflarger back.
Gawd, those old days were fun!

tom thomas
18-Mar-2012, 03:54
Michael, thats the purpose. Use 120 roll film adapters on the 3X4 and 4X5 cameras for reasonable price shooting. Who can find 3X4 film today? For someone who owns a 3X4 Springback that's gathering dust, the kit allows to enjoy it again.
Yes, the kit is expensive, but very hard to find today.


Michael Cienfuegos
18-Mar-2012, 08:12
A fellow in Australia made his own adapter with a couple of springs and two thumbscrews for much less than the asking price for those clips. I use Efke 100 film in my 3x4 Graphic. I also have two 3x4 Graflex cameras, I do have a roll-film back for them, but I prefer to shoot sheet film, limited as it is. :)