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12-Mar-2012, 13:19
Hi all,

I have the opportunity to acquire a Galvin 4x5 and I was wondering if anybody could give me their opinion on the seller's asking price. I have no other LF equipment (just some LF lenses on MF cameras).

It is in "user" condition cosmetically, but had a new bellows put on about a year ago. It comes with 3 lens boards.

The seller wants $475 + shipping for the package. Do you think that's a fair price? These seem to be pretty rare cameras, so I can't really find any previous sales to compare to. I've read a bit about the 2x3 version, people saying it's not worth more than $300 tops.

I'll have to get a bunch of holders and a lens separately, of course.

I'd really appreciate any input. Thanks.

(And if he's on this forum reading this: Hello!:o)

13-Mar-2012, 12:57
Sheesh - that is a hard one. The 4x5 Galvins are rare...much more so than the 2x3 versions. Due to the rarity when compared to the 2x3 version I would expect to pay a fair amount above and beyond the average going price for the 2x3 version. I've only seen 2 4x5 galvins for sale in the last couple of years - if I remember correctly one sold on ebay for between $300-400 and the asking price for the other one (it was a private classified listing so I don't know if it sold or not...it came with a LOT of extras) was between $500-600. For $475 I think it just comes down to how badly you want it.

Oren Grad
13-Mar-2012, 16:22
Basic 4x5 monorails are very inexpensive these days. Unless you want to be a Galvin collector, the question boils down to whether the extra cost compared to alternatives will buy any functional advantages that are important to you. I've never seen a 4x5 Galvin but I have seen the 2x3, and if the design is similar it's not obvious to me what those advantages might be other than possibly relatively light weight, or something subjective about the layout or "feel" of the controls that just appeals to you.